About project

Project Title: “Early identification, prevention and intervention of parent - child relationship alienation: an integrated model of support for families experiencing intra-parental post-divorce or separation conflict”.

Problem: There is no integrated model of support for families experiencing conflictual divorce and /or separation in Lithuania.

Purpose and effect: Development and implementation of early identification, prevention and intervention model for families experiencing post-divorce or separation conflicts in order to reduce the level of destructive conflict that children are exposed to, to foster good parental child relationships and keep children from being caught in the middle of parental tensions and disagreements.

Target group and beneficiaries: Families experiencing conflictual divorce or separation; professionals of local municipalities from different work fields.

Expected Results. Created, implemented, tested and evaluated mechanism of complex integrated support for the target group; additional service (family mediation).

Programs for children will be created: To help them learn ways to cope with situations in which they feel pressured to side one parent against the other and avoid feeling responsible for parental problems.


Applicant: Public Institution The Institute of Family Relations. 

Partner: Public Institution Children Support Center.

Associated partners: Child Rights protection departments of municipalities in Kaunas and Vilnius cities’, and Kaunas, Kedainiai, Kaisiadorys, Prienai, Jonava districts.  

Start Date: October 2014

End Date: April 2016